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 Claque- single 


CLAQUE EP is available on all digital platforms:

            Spotify, ITunes, Deezer, Youtube...

The first track ‘Claque’ talks about Mozzaïka’s encounter with a certain kind of domination inherent in slavery. Among Mediterranean vibes, Mozzaïka shares a blunt delivery of a po-e-li-tical analyse, her take on Pernambuco’s History and the bloody commerce of sugar cane, strongly supported by Rogério Samico’s powerful use of traditional Brazilian drums mixed with hip-hop grooves. The 3 other tracks focus on the complexities of love and desire. Starting with ‘Je t’aime mal’ where voice and electronic sonorities mimic an aching heart. Then ‘Lust in Translation’, created on the spot, captures the fragility of loving. When longing becomes a dream state. The last track, ‘Arrête!’ comes to tease you, back to your senses. Interlacing ‘Nordestino’ mandolin with French poetry.

Vocals and Lyrics: Mozzaika
Vocals and Electric Guitar and Beats: Samico

With guests:
Electric Guitar on ‘Je t’aime mal’: Felipe S

Mandolin on ‘Arrete’: Rafael Marques

Mixed by Rogério Samico in Estudio Pólvora, Recife, PE - Brazil Mastered by Jack Eveleigh in Total Refreshment Centre, London-UK

Artwork photo: Mozzaika (UK)
Artists photo: Quânticos Criativos (BR)

by Mozzaika & Samico

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